A little bit about me…

I´m constantly learning new things about myself and the world I live in, and hope that through my journeys I can find new ways in which to use my life, passions, and skills to serve others. I hope that this blog will allow all of you to share in each of my new adventures and journeys. Thank you for your prayers, love, and support!

In the newest edition of this blog, you will find me exploring my new home in Medellín, Colombia. I am blessed to be here in this wonderful new part of the world thanks to the generous support of Rotary International in the form of a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship. I will be living here until December 2013, and during that time I will be continuing my studies in Public Health at the Universidad de Antioquia and completing a public health internship. Thanks for reading and sharing in my adventures!

I recently read an article written by Jeff Goins that I thought was great. In it he says, “Traveling will change you like little else can. It will put you in places that will force you to care for issues that are bigger than you. You will begin to understand that the world is both very large and very small. You will have a newfound respect for pain and suffering, having seen that two-thirds of humanity struggle to simply get a meal each day.” I couldn’t agree more. Make a point to use your time and your resources to travel. It is an investment that will change your life and that you will never regret.  Click here for the full article: http://convergemagazine.com/travel-young-5278/


8 thoughts on “A little bit about me…

  1. Melissa Ansley Brooks

    Cammeo- You are a blessing to the world. I will keep you in my prayers as you travel. Do good work in helping bring God’s kingdom to earth. I’ll look forward to your stories.


  2. Michele

    Wow!! You are consistently doing more than is expected – you walk the talk friend. Look forward to following your stories – plan on introducing your “walk” to our youth! Blessings to you!!

  3. Cindy Laing

    Hi cam
    You have not posted in awhile, we here watching the mudslides
    wanting to know you are safe. Take care, travel safe and God Bless.
    if you need anything, you know where to find us…

  4. Cammeo – Every Sunday and throughout the week, we are lifting you up in prayer. We also have a link on the Jordan Creek Church website to this blog! Thanks for letting us share the God-Adventure! Thanks for letting God work through you, your gifts and your passions! Remember…”it is not by accident that you come to this place, you come here because God has brought you here for a reason and a purpose!” Blessings! Be Encouraged!

  5. We put you up on the Jordan Creek Church Website! It links to your page:

    • That is so wonderful! Thank you so much Pastor Phil! And thank you for your continued prayers and support from back home…it makes a world of difference!

  6. Jeff Klein

    My wife and I live in Boise and are good friends with the Pressmans. In addition, I went to school in Ames (a long, long time ago), and I have a sister who lives in Bettendorf and a niece who lives and mountain bikes in Ames. I even rode RAGBRAI last year. Thank you for all you are doing in Peru and with the Pressmans. I wish that we could join you, but alas… We read both of your blogs with interest. All of you are in our prayers.

  7. Jeannie

    Hey Cammeo — I just went to respond to the message you left about your coming home party and you no longer exist to me on Fbook –eek! I’m sorry I missed it, of course I had to work at the restaurant, but yes I would love to catch up sometime when I’m back in Des Moines. Let me know what’s going on with you — and your facebook 🙂

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